Improved Outdoor Living,
Courtesy Of Natural Gas

Now more than ever, families are investing in their homes — creating beautiful outdoor spaces to enjoy all year round. Elevate your own outdoor living space with natural gas appliances like grills, pool heaters, patio heaters and lights.

Outdoor Cooking With A Natural Gas Grill

With a natural gas grill, you can finally say goodbye to the dirty charcoal and the heavy propane tanks. Cooking outdoors on a natural gas grill also reduces heat in the kitchen, which puts less demand on air conditioning during hot summer months.

Natural gas grills offer more precise temperature control than charcoal, they never run out of fuel and they can be installed just about anywhere. You can have your natural gas grill permanently mounted in-ground or on your deck, or you can use a quick-connect option and install your grill on a portable cart, so you can move it when it’s not being used.

Pool Heating With Natural Gas

Enjoy the water a little longer with a natural gas pool heater. The most effective way to maintain ideal water temperatures, natural gas pool heaters are up to 97% energy efficient. Plus, they warm the water faster than their electric counterparts. Natural gas pool heaters are available for any size pool, spa or hot tub.

Outdoor Patio & Deck Heating With Natural Gas

When temperatures drop, your family can continue to enjoy the outdoors with a natural gas heater on your patio or deck. Natural gas patio heaters radiate heat downward to warm a 12- to 20-foot area and are most effective when the outdoor temperatures are between 40 and 60 degrees. With mountable and portable models available, there’s a patio heater to accommodate every lifestyle.

Outdoor Natural Gas Lighting

Natural gas outdoor lights provide bright and natural light to any outdoor space, in front of your home and also in the backyard. They can be mounted on exterior walls, porch ceilings or posts. In addition to adding charm and character to your home and outdoor living space, outdoor natural gas lights mean you can enjoy:

  • Less maintenance and upkeep
  • Dependability if the electricity goes out
  • Easy on-off switches that can also be controlled with a timer
  • Natural lighting that doesn’t attract bugs

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