Natural Gas Customers Ways to Pay

Chesapeake Utilities offers several ways you can pay your utility bill.

Pay By Telephone

Call 1-833-77EZPAY to pay via telephone.


Chesapeake Utilities EZ-PAY is the convenient way to submit one-time payments with your debit or credit card.


With Chesapeake Utilities list of flexible payment options, you can pay your utility bill in the way most convenient for you.

Authorized Walk-In Payment Centers

Take advantage of greater payment accessibility and flexible service and pay your bill at one of Chesapeake Utilities’ Authorized Walk-In Payment Centers.

Pay By Mail

Chesapeake Utilities will credit your payment on the same day we receive it.

Budget Billing

With Chesapeake Utilities Budget Billing, you can stabilize your monthly energy costs and pay the same amount each month during the winter heating season. It’s a free service and easy to join!

Payment Extension

Chesapeake Utilities is committed to helping to support our customers during financial hardship.

Seasonal Billing Address

If you plan to be away from your service address for an extended period of time, you can temporarily change your billing address. Simply notify us before your departure and then contact us before you return.

Energy Assistance

Are you looking for energy-assistance programs? We have resources available for residential and business customers who are experiencing financial hardship.

Manage Winter Heating Bills

Every customer deserves natural gas they can depend on at a cost they can afford. While natural gas remains the best value for your heating needs, costs typically increase in the winter because your heating system works harder and runs more often to keep you comfortable.

To help manage your winter heating bills, consider:

  • Conservation tips when using your natural gas appliances
  • Weatherizing your home. When you waste less energy, you can save money

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Weatherization Tips For
Your Home

If you’re looking for ways to make your home more energy efficient, this list of weatherization tips is a good place to start.
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Energy Efficiency Tips

Looking for more ways to save energy at home? Read our list of energy conservation tips as well.
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Scam Awareness

Customers can avoid being scammed by taking a few precautions.
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