Natural Gas Vehicles
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Natural Gas VehiclesEnergy conservation and sustainability practices are very important in today’s economic climate. Cost and environmental impact associated with transportation is a continuing concern for fleet managers. Natural gas vehicles offer environmental, energy efficient and cost saving solutions for transportation systems.

To meet increasingly stringent emissions regulations for heavy-duty vehicles — while maintaining performance, functionality, safety and cost competitiveness — fleet managers must have a well-developed solution. The use of natural gas fueled vehicles (NGVs) in your fleet provides the answer.

NGVs produce lower levels of most exhaust pollutants than gasoline or diesel vehicles. Compared to diesel vehicles, dedicated NGVs reduce exhaust emissions of non-methane organic gases by 89%, carbon monoxide by 70%, nitrogen oxides by 87%, and carbon dioxide (greenhouse gases) by 24%. Also, power is not sacrificed with today’s natural gas vehicles.

Natural gas has a 117-octane rating that results in higher engine compression ratios, improved engine performance, reduced maintenance, higher reliability, and cleaner air. Several fueling configurations are available to meet your specific fleet needs. Quick-fill, time-fill or a combination-fill system will provide the flexibility your fleet requires.

Fleet Conversion Opportunities

There are more than 1,600 NGV fueling stations available now and the number is growing fast.

CNG Safety

Natural gas is a safe fuel and — unlike gasoline — it dissipates into the atmosphere in the event of an accidental release.

Local Chesapeake Utilities Station

Fill up today at our compressed natural gas fueling station in Dover, Delaware.

Incentives & Grants

Chesapeake Utilities can assist you in determining your eligibility for tax credits, grants, incentives or other funding opportunities to help offset the purchase price of new NGVs.

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