Smell gas? Act fast!

Why does natural gas smell so bad? Mercaptan is a harmless odorant that is added to natural gas to make that rotten egg smell we all associate with natural gas. When you detect this rotten egg smell near your appliances, such as your fireplace, ovens, clothes dryers and other appliances:

Do The Following Immediately:

  1. Leave your home or building immediately
  2. Call 1.800.427.2883 from a cell phone outside the home or building, or from a neighboring location, to immediately report the suspected gas leak.


  1. DO NOT re-enter your home or building until you are advised to do so by an emergency professional
  2. Do NOT use your telephone, light switches, light a match or do anything that would create a spark or flame

Carbon Monoxide Safety

Carbon monoxide is an invisible, odorless gas that can cause illness and even death when not properly vented by your furnace or appliances.
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