natural gas is now available in your area

Chesapeake Utilities has expanded natural gas to your area

This means that reliable, efficient, comfortable natural gas may be available to you and your neighbors! Use this page to learn all about the benefits of switching to natural gas home energy. As your local natural gas utility, Chesapeake Utilities looks forward to keeping you informed with natural gas availability updates and other general information about the expansion.

Natural gas does more

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Why choose natural gas?

More Savings

more savings

From long-term cost and energy savings, natural gas is a smart and budget-friendly choice for any home.

More Comfort

more comfort

Endless hot water, gourmet cooking, and faster clothes drying are among the many comforts of a natural gas home.

More Efficiency

more efficiency

Natural gas is a more efficient energy source, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint and reduced energy waste.

more reliability

more safety

Natural gas is the fuel that does more to provide safe, reliable service, and safety is the number one priority for natural gas companies like CHPK.

More American Energy

more reliability

Natural gas works in power outages, so you will always be more storm-ready.

Don't miss out

Don’t miss out on the savings, benefits and luxury of natural gas.

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